November/December 2014 Publisher's Letter

Looking back at 2014, a number of culinary movements took place. Chefs and restaurants continued with the farmto- table trend, South American dishes exploded onto the scene, and new products hit the food service market, making the lives of chefs everywhere easier. Chef Magazine will continue to offer a variety of wide-ranging stories in 2015, staying on the cutting edge of the culinary industry. Readers can look forward to seafood dishes and southern cuisine, breakfast and brunch menu items, labor and cost saving equipment solutions, cross-country tours of America's culinary hot spots, and so much more. The editors are open to suggestions at anytime, so if there is a trend you're interested in learning more about, feel free to contact us. And be sure to stay connected with us on Twitter at @Chef_Mag.

Dan von Rabenau

Chef Magazine November/December Digital Issue

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