Alongside Equipping the side-salad bar by Lacey Griebeler hether or not it’s a part of your everyday business, the salad bar is a vital component of many special events and holiday banquets. Set aside the boring potato salads and limp lettuces swimming in vinaigrette, and dress up your holiday salad bar instead. Use it as an opportunity to let your inner garde manger shine. Chef Magazine has gathered side-salad recipe ideas fit for a chilled bar setting. Enjoy this preview, and for more recipes, visit the digital magazine at US POTATO BOARD W the holidays Lemon Vinaigrette 1 c. lemon juice, freshly squeezed 1 c. extra virgin olive oil 3 T. shallots, minced Try finger1/2 T. salt ling potatoes 1/2 t. black pepper in unconventional ways Method (1) Whisk together all ingredients. Hold for salad prep. Wine pairing: With crisp flavors of green apple and lemon, balanced by butter and vanilla, the classic Wente Chardonnay “Morning Fog” 2008 (California) delivers a long finish, making it a perfect match for the creamy avocado and potato. Save time with cooked and peeled wild-caught Canadian shrimp Chef Nancy Silverton, Pizzeria Mozza, Los Angeles,; wine pairing by Marlene Rossman Yield: 24 servings 6 lbs. fingerling potatoes, cut in half lengthwise Olive oil, as needed Salt, as needed 2 c. Lemon Vinaigrette, divided (recipe follows) 6 lbs. romaine, Bibb or Boston lettuce, tender inner leaves only 12 avocados, cut into wedges 12 hard-cooked eggs 4 1/2 c. aged pecorino cheese, grated Method (1) Toss potatoes in oil, and season with salt. Spread on sheet pan in single layer; cover with foil. Roast in 400°F oven, 30 minutes. Remove foil; roast 15 minutes more or until tender. Toss with 1/2 c. Lemon Vinaigrette. (2) Dress lettuce with remaining Lemon Vinaigrette. Layer lettuce, avocado and cooked potatoes on platter. Grate egg on top; sprinkle with pecorino. Serve with baguette. NaNcy’S caeSar Salad Clearwater Seafoods Ltd.,; wine pairing by Marlene Rossman Yield: 4 servings 1 lb. Clearwater shrimp, defrosted 1 large mango, peeled and cubed 1 large papaya, peeled and cubed 1/2 bunch scallions, sliced on the bias 1-2 red chiles (to taste), finely sliced 10 oz. arugula Toasted sesame oil, to taste Method (1) Gently mix together shrimp, mango, papaya, scallions and chiles. (2) Divide salad leaves among 4 plates, and pile shrimp mixture over top. (3) Drizzle with sesame oil. Wine pairing: The tropical fruit-flavored Ampelos Cellars Viognier 2009 (California)— with lychee and nectarine notes and a long lime finish—is a “fruit salad” on its own and a perfect complement to this prep. Tropical Shrimp Salad 8 | Chef