ConAgra Mills, Yield: 5 servings 10 c. all-purpose flour 10 c. ConAgra Mills 9-Grain flour 10 T. sugar 10 t. instant yeast 7 1/2 t. salt 40 oz. unsalted butter, melted 5 qts. milk, warm 20 oz. honey 20 t. vanilla extract 20 eggs, separated Fresh berries and maple syrup, for serving Method (1) Sift all-purpose flour, 9-Grain flour, sugar, yeast and salt in a bowl. (2) Add melted butter, warm milk, honey and vanilla extract. Mix until incorporated, and bench proof at least 6 hours. (3) When ready, stir in egg yolks; whip whites to a stiff, glossy peak, and fold into batter. (4) Bake in waffle iron until brown. Serve warm with berries and syrup. Wine pairing: The juicy rosé, Riverbench Pinot Noir Rosé 2009 (California) will lift the richness of the grains and complement the sweetness of the waffles. And part of the proceeds from this wine goes to California’s Marian Medical Cancer Center. 9-Grain Waffle ConAgra Mills senior executive chef Steve Hodge says, “I try to use natural leaveners like yeast [instead of chemical leaveners] because it’s so traditional, especially in Belgian waffles. And because you’re developing the carbon dioxide naturally, you will get a little natural acidity that develops into the dough, which gives you that crispy crust that everyone looks for in a waffle.” This recipe was mentioned on page 11. Jasper J. Mirabile Jr., chef, Jasper’s Ristorante, Kansas City, Mo., Yield: 1 serving 3 eggs 2 T. milk Sea salt and pepper, to taste 2 oz. plain Odyssey feta cheese 2 oz. peppercorn Odyssey feta cheese 2 T. black olives 1 Roma tomato, sliced 1 spring onion, finely diced Method (1) In a medium mixing bowl, add eggs, milk, salt and pepper; whisk. (2) Heat a Chef Mirabile says, “The addition of ... milk gives the omelet much more fluffiness and added flavor.” well-greased medium skillet over medium heat, pour egg mixture into skillet, swirl it around so a fine layer of egg sticks to the side of the pan. (3) When omelet is about 70 percent cooked, add feta, black olives, tomato and green onion on one side in a half-moon shape. Fold omelet over, and continue to cook for approximately 1 minute. Serve warm. Wine pairing: Jana Riesling “Old Vine” 2007 (California) is a crisp and slightly sweet Riesling that will stand up to the salt and pepper flavors of the olives and feta. Odyssey Cheese Greek feta Omelet Johnsonville Sausage, Yield: 12 8-oz. servings Read more about hash on sausaGe Crumbles hash 12 oz. onion, chopped page 14! 12 oz. red bell pepper, chopped 1 lb. Johnsonville Original Breakfast Sausage Crumbles 1 lb. potatoes, cooked and cubed 6 T. parsley, chopped Wine pairing: A big, sweet, smoky Syrah, Zaca Mesa Syrah 2006 (California)—with ripe black plums, baking spice and a hint of espresso— will pump up the richness of the dish. 26 | Chef KlOndIKe FeTA Method (1) Per serving, brown 1 oz. onion and 1 oz. bell pepper on greased flat-top grill over medium heat, about 5 minutes. (2) Add 4 oz. sausage and 4 oz. potato. Cook and turn hash until browned on all sides, 5-7 minutes. Sprinkle 1/2 T. parsley. Pictured with fried eggs.