RESTAURANT CATERING Fun with fair food Find inspiration in street fare for creating bite-sized desserts Mathew Freistadt is chef of manufacturing and product development for Mediterranean specialty foods company Kronos Products Inc. (www., Glendale Heights, Ill. Here, Freistadt tells Chef Magazine why he finds street foods inspiring, and he shares a whimsical dessert recipe fit for an event featuring street fare. from the family table (or the local church feast). However, it is much more complex to take street food to the white tablecloth. It just doesn’t flow that way. The last thing I want is a $10 appetizer of cheese curds with some funny green oil that is served on a $45 piece of white china. Sometimes, creating new dishes can be like a shot in the dark. You work really hard at making something awesome. Then, the dish turns out to be OK, but nothing out of this world. So, you shelve the idea and move onto the next. But I think you should check out those classic street food flavors again. In this light, I have created this duet of baklava paired with cheesecake to show how simple, straightforward components can play together and create something entirely new— like dessert sushi rolls. This is probably why I find myself working at one of the world’s largest street food manufacturers: Besides making and playing with gyros, I am also challenged to create new sweet treats. Baklava is close to my heart. Having consumed my first piece around the age of 6, I’ve revisited this icon and hope you enjoy it. by Mathew Freistadt DUET OF BAKLAVA SUSHI-STYLE ROLLS Vanilla Cheesecake and Chocolate Baklava Rolls; Chocolate Cheesecake and Classic Baklava Rolls Mathew Freistadt, chef of manufacturing and product development, Kronos Products Inc.,; wine pairing by Marlene Rossman E very summer when I was growing up on Long Island, N.Y., my family and I would all go to the local church feast. It seemed like the summer was one giant zeppole, an Italian pastry. Every week, another church would host a feast. I was hooked; my favorite thing in the world was fair food. You couldn’t get that taste from Mom’s cooking. Italian sausages with peppers, gyros with tzatziki sauce (back then, we just called it “white sauce”) and pastries galore. It was like Italy and Greece collided in one parking lot. Today fair/street food is just as popular, and everyone from corporate chefs to five-star chefs is attempting to knock off these iconic treasures. I strongly feel that fair/street food can be created much easier with ideas Yield: 16 pieces, 8 chocolate and 8 classic 1 1/2 c. (225 grams) Sinbad Baklava Chocolat, hand-chopped fine 1 1/2 c. (225 grams) Sinbad Classic Baklava, hand-chopped fine 2 T. (38 grams) Grade-A honey, divided 1 c. (200 grams) vanilla or New York-style cheesecake, fully baked, no crust, divided 1 T. (5 grams) unsweetened cocoa powder Caramel sauce, chocolate sauce and powdered sugar, for garnish Method (1) Place chopped chocolate baklava and chopped classic baklava into separate 2-qt. mixing bowls. Add 1 T. honey into each bowl; fold well with rubber spatula so mixture is evenly tacky. (2) Measure out a 1/2 c. cheesecake into a 2-qt. mixing bowl, and set aside. Place remaining 1/2 c. cheesecake into a separate 2-qt. mixing bowl, and add cocoa powder. Fold in well with a rubber spatula. You will use the chocolate cheesecake filling for the classic baklava roll. You will use the plain cheesecake filling for the chocolate baklava roll. (3) Place a sushi mat onto a flat work surface. Lay a 12” by 24” piece of plastic wrap across the Now Serving... The Success RegisteR today! Pre-register online or by phone and save up to 40% off using priority code 100247. Online: Phone: 972-620-3017 Produced by Diversified Business Communications Sponsored by: Co-located with: taste of Boston, Ma | March 14–16, 2010 Boston Convention & Exhibition Center The New England Food Show is built with your customer in mind. The robust show floor offers you the chance to find all of your restaurant and food service needs under one roof. • Find new & innovative products • Preview fresh new menu items • Stay on top of emerging consumer trends • Find the equipment to make it all happen In three days, you can make all of your purchasing decisions, learn about trends in the industry, enjoy a variety of special events and have fun doing it all. mat crosswise. Wet your hands with water, then spread the chocolate baklava mixture at the bottom of the mat across the entire width. Pat the mixture down to about 3/16” thick. It should be an even rectangle the width of the mat and extend about 3 1/2” toward the middle of the mat. Spoon the plain cheesecake filling into the center of the baklava mixture from left to right (crosswise), shaped as a 1” log down the middle. Fold over the bottom edge closest to you, and roll into a tight log. (4) Repeat process with classic baklava mixture and chocolate cheesecake filling. Keep logs wrapped in plastic wrap, and place them into a freezer for 30 minutes or until needed. (5) Remove each log from plastic wrap, and cut into 8 pieces with serrated knife. Serve with caramel and chocolate sauce on the side or drizzled on top. Sprinkle some powdered sugar. Plate with a piece of chocolate baklava and a piece of classic baklava, if desired. Wine pairing: Armand de Brignac Brut Gold NV (France) is an exquisite, full-bodied Champagne—with creamy flavors of honey, ginger and apricot—and the heft to match the richness of the chocolate and cheesecake baklava rolls. It makes a truly romantic treat for Valentine’s Day. 8 | Chef