ONLINE EXCLUSIVE hatever your breakfast philsophy—traditional preparations or trendy—eggs are a must-have on any morning menu. Mike Kuritobi, executive chef of the W Hotel, City Center, W MORE EN VOGUE EGGS Chicago, has no qualms with menuing convetional egg preparations. “I typically like traditional egg dishes,” he says. “However, I like to give them an innovative twist to call it my own.” Kuritobi substitutes cured meat like prosciutto for bacon, or by using more interesting breads such as roasted tomato fococcia or olive ciabatta. So how does he like his eggs? “Over easy, like Sunday morning,” he quips. See Kuritobi’s spiced up version of Eggs Benedict with Potatoes alla Toscana, page 12. Here are some more inspired egg dishes to satisfy your morning customers. FRIED 4-MINUTE EGGS WITH POTATO AND SAUSAGE CROQUETTES AND KEY WEST HOLLANDAISE Robert Lee, executive chef, Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill Club & Lodge, Orlando, Fla.,; wine pairing by Marlene Rossman Yield: 4 servings 4 large eggs 1 c. all-purpose flour 1 c. beaten egg 1 c. Italian breadcrumbs Salt and pepper, to taste 4 Potato Croquettes (recipe follows) 4 Sausage Croquettes (recipe follows) Key West Hollandaise (recipe follows) Method (1) Bring 4 c. water to a boil; boil eggs for 4 minutes. (2) Remove eggs from water, place in large bowl of ice water; let set for 2-3 minutes. (3) Remove eggs from ice water, and dry. Remove outer shell while keeping entire egg whole. (4) Place peeled eggs in flour; lightly coat them. Coat them with beaten egg, and roll them in Italian breadcrumbs. (5) Fry eggs in deep fryer for 1-1 1/2 minutes; remove, and drain. Reserve breading. (6) To serve, place one of each of the eggs, Potato Croquettes and Sausage Croquettes on a plate. Divide Key West Hollandaise evenly among the 4 plates; drizzle around edges of each plate. Potato Croquettes 8 oz. potato, peeled and cubed 1 oz. half and half 1 egg yolk Salt and pepper, to taste Standard breading, as needed Method (1) Cook potatoes until tender; drain and dry them. (2) Purée potatoes, add half and half and yolk; mix well, and season with salt and pepper. (3) Mold potatoes into golf ball size and shape. (4) Coat potatoes in flour, beaten egg and Italian breadcrumbs, and deep fry at 350˚F until golden brown. Serve immediately. Sausage Croquettes 8 oz. Jimmy Dean sausage with sage Standard breading, as needed Method (1) Shape sausage into golf ball size and shape; bake in oven until fully cooked. (2) Remove from oven; place on paper towel to drain. (3) Bread croquette, and fry at 350˚F until golden brown. Serve immediately. Key West Hollandaise 6 large egg yolks 2 oz. Key lime juice 1/4 t. white pepper 2 oz. water 2 c. clarified butter, warm Salt and pepper, as needed Method (1) Combine egg yolks, Key lime juice, water and white pepper; whip over simmering water until pale ribbons form. (2) Whisk in warm clarified butter until desired thickness is reached; adjust seasoning with salt and pepper. Wine pairing: Try a luscious, fruit-filled rosé like Bonterra Rosé 2008 (California), an organic blend of Sangiovese, Zinfandel and Syrah that rocks with the croquettes!