ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: PARTY PLANNER, CONT. More dessert recipes Wow guests with an exceptional last bite KARLHEINZ RITTER MILK CHOCOLATE PRALINE CRUNCH CAKE Hazelnut Dacquoise and Milk Chocolate Praline Crunch with Milk Chocolate Mousse Jason Licker, executive pastry chef, The Venetian Macao,; wine pairing by Marlene Rossman Chef’s comments: “The three textures of creamy, spongey and crunchy are like one huge praline and milk chocolate candy bar, in cake form. Reminds me of a Skor candy bar, and I love candy bars.” Yield: 8 full square servings, or 77 1”x2” portions Hazelnut Dacquoise (2 sheets) 1,250 g. egg whites 1,800 g. sugar, divided 800 g. hazelnut flour 250 g. cake flour 800 g. sugar Method (1) Make a meringue with the egg whites and 1,000 grams sugar till stiff. (2) Fold in the rest of the ingredients. Milk Chocolate Praline Crunch 450 g. milk chocolate 150 g. cocoa butter 1,050 g. praline paste Feuilletine, by eye Method (1) Melt milk chocolate and cocoa butter together. (2) Mix in the praline paste till combined. (3) Add enough feuilletine to the desired consistency. (Licker adds enough so it is thin but can still be spread.) Milk Chocolate Mousse 400 g. sugar Water, as needed 80 g. egg yolks 25 g. Frangelico hazelnut liqueur 24 g. (8 sheets) gelatin, soaked, softened and drained 1,080 g. milk chocolate 1,200 g. whipped cream Method (1) Place the sugar in a pot, and add some water so it resembles wet sand. (2) In a stand mixer, start beating the yolks. (3) Cook the sugar to soft-ball stage (234˚F). Pour in yolks, and whip for 510 minutes. (4) Microwave Frangelico till warm, and dissolve the soft gelatin. Add into whipped yolks. (5) Fold the chocolate into the yolks in three parts. (6) Fold the cream into the mixture in three parts. Assembly (1) In a full sheet tray with a sheet tray extender, build the cake evenly with one sheet of Hazelnut Dacquoise, Milk Chocolate Praline Crunch and then Milk Chocolate Mousse. (2) Repeat process, and chill. (3) Cut in desired size, and garnish. Wine pairing: Sheldrake Point Cabernet Franc Ice Wine 2008 (New York)—a beautiful, red ice wine with sweet strawberry jam and orange peel flavors—will enhance the milk chocolate, nuts and cream. 46 | Chef 46_47 Party Planner cm FINAL.indd 46 4/29/09 7:33:31 PM