PEOPLE & PLACES TRA votes to clear the smoke The Texas Restaurant Association (TRA) board of directors on Feb. 16 voted to support a statewide smoking ban that would level the playing field and reduce confusion that has stemmed from the variety of bans enacted at the local level. According to TRA, the only equitable solution is to apply a smoking ban across all workplaces and jurisdictions. “TRA members recognize that the current disparities that exist in smoking bans enacted at the local level have had a detrimental impact on the restaurant industry in Texas,” said Richie Jackson, TRA executive vice president and CEO, in a press statement. “By applying an equitable ban that is enforced in all workplaces, we will ensure a level playing field, and the $35 billion Texas restaurant industry will continue its vital role in our state’s economy.” TRA will continue to work with smoking ban legislation sponsors Sen. Rodney Ellis and Rep. Myra Crownover as the legislation moves forward. TRA, formed in 1937, is made up of more than 100 restaurateurs from across the state. For more information, visit Food Safety Championship awards at Chefs in America Corporate Chefs Summit in Chicago A highlight of this year’s 8th Annual Corporate Chefs’ Taste Summit & Expo will be the bestowal of Food Safety Championship Awards. “These awards are given to some of the top chains for exemplary food safety practices,” said Chefs In America Awards Foundation founder, Jesse Sartain, in a press statement. Two of the chains already slated to receive the coveted award are Sonic Drive-In and Carl’s Jr. Since 2001, Sonic Drive-In has had a Sonic Safe program in place, which includes training, purchasing and all operations and manuals. This program was based on the Food & Drug Administration’s food code. Sonic has exceeded the standards of many regulatory agencies and has successfully communicated its practices across the nation to operators in different markets. Sonic also relies heavily on third-party audits, and it enforces its programs very seriously to correct a failed audit. Carl’s Jr. has utilized Star Academy training centers for its management training as well as a Web-based Learning Management System to create an MBA-style approach. Quality assurance, food quality and cleanliness have been emphasized in Carl’s Jr.’s standardized training systems. Chefs In America Awards Foundation has been giving awards to chefs and the foodservice trade for 25 years. Past awards have included Maitre du Gout (Masters of Taste) and Cordon du Vin (for Sommeliers and wine experts). This year’s awards will be presented at Chicago Hilton & Towers on Friday, May 15. There is no fee to attend; however, the event is open only to corporate chefs, executive chefs, chefs du cuisine and quality assurance directors and their guests in the industry. To register for the event online, visit: or call (800) 728-4007 between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. PST. Paley named ‘Prince of Porc’ at Cochon 555 benefit Vitaly Paley, chef-owner of Paley’s Place (www.paleysplace. com) took first prize in Cochon 555, a national culinary competition that took place in Portland, Ore., March 1, on National Pig Day. Five Portland chefs each prepared a 70-pound heritage breed pig from head to toe to benefit Raphael House, a Portland-based organization offering domestic violence intervention for women and children made homeless by domestic violence. A group of 200 guests and professional judges determined the winner based on creative and classic preparation and best overall flavor. Paley’s winning recipe for head-to-toe hog was: Testarosa (rolled head sous-vide); Five-Day Cedar Smoked Prosciutto; Consommé Royale (bacon and truffle custard, Oregon truffles, cured ham and chervil); Crispy Black Pudding and Bacon Hollandaise, Pig in a Sausage blanket (pork loin wrapped in bacon, sausage and caul fat) served with hock and trotter stew, elderflower brazing jus, apples and red onions; and topped with a salad of crispy cider syrup-glazed pork skins, apples and rocket. Cochon 555 is a national chef competition promoting heritage pigs and breed diversity. Visit Corrections On page 17 of the March issue of Chef Magazine, the phone number for Vanns Spices was listed incorrectly. Vanns Spices can be reached at (800) 583-1693. On page 6, the photo captions of chef David Del Rio and chef Kenneth Juran were switched. Chef Magazine regrets the errors. Todd English’s Olives turns 20 The original Olives Restaurant, chef/restaurateur Todd English’s interpretive Mediterranean-style restaurant in Charlestown, Mass., turns 20 this month. In a nod to the success of Olives—which since has opened in New York City, Las Vegas and Washington, D.C.—the Charlestown and New York locations will feature signature menu items at their 1989 prices each week through the end of April. The “Throwback Menu” will be available on Fridays at the Charlestown location and Tuesdays at the New York location. Among the classic dishes from the original Olives menu are: Beef Carpaccio with Roquefort Polenta for $5.50, Brick Oven Roasted Half Chicken for $12.95 and Olives Bouillabaise for $15.95. More information is available at AMERICAN LAMB LEG WITH ROASTED POTATOES Yield: 12 servings 12 medium red potatoes 2 T. olive oil 1 T. kosher salt 6-7 lbs. American lamb leg, trimmed of visible fat Salt and pepper, to taste 1/2 c. marmalade 1 T. mustard seed 2 t. dried thyme, crushed 6 rosemary sprigs RECIPE CARD More Recipe Cards in Method (1) Coat potatoes with oil, and place them around edge of a roasting pan; sprinkle with kosher salt. (2) Place rack in pan, and arrange lamb roast on rack. Season lamb with salt and pepper to taste. Roast at 325°F. (3) Combine marmalade, mustard seed and thyme. Halfway through roasting, baste lamb with marmalade mixture. (4) Roast to desired degree of doneness. When lamb is done, cover and allow to stand for 15 minutes before slicing. Serve slices with roasted potatoes and garnish with rosemary sprigs. Wine pairing: Columbia Winery Syrah “David Lake” 2003 (Washington) Chef Magazine’s digital edition at: Recipe and photo credit: American Lamb Board, Denver, 6 | Chef Visit us at 05_06 P&P FINALcm.indd 6 3/20/09 12:45:43 PM